Missouri Lemon Law Summary

Missouri Lemon Law Summary
The following is a brief explanation of most relevant provisions of the Missouri lemon
law. The complete text of the lemon law can be found at Missouri Rev. Stat. section
407.560 et seq.
The Missouri lemon law covers any new motor vehicle being transferred for the first
time from a manufacturer, distributor or new vehicle dealer; that has not been
registered or titled in the state or any other state; and that is offered for sale, barter or
exchange by a dealer franchised to sell, barter or exchange that particular make of new
motor vehicle. This includes demonstrators or lease-purchase vehicles as long as a
manufacturer’s warranty was issued as a condition of sale.
The lemon law does not cover used vehicles, and appears not to cover leased vehicles
unless acquired through a lease-purchase. The lemon law does not cover commercial
motor vehicles, off-road vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, and recreational motor vehicles
other than the chassis, engine, powertrain and component parts.
The lemon law covers the following consumers:
1. The purchaser, other than for purposes of resale, of a new motor vehicle primarily
used for personal, family, or household purposes;
2. Any person to whom the new motor vehicle is transferred for the same purposes
during the duration of an express warranty applicable to the new motor vehicle; and
3. Any other person entitled by the terms of the warranty to enforce its obligations.
The lemon law applies to vehicle converters.
The lemon law covers any default or condition that impairs the use, market value or
safety of the new motor vehicle to the consumer. This is referred to as a nonconformity.
The lemon law provides manufacturers with an affirmative defense if it can be shown
1. The alleged nonconformity does not substantially impair the use, market value or
safety of the new motor vehicle; or
2. A nonconformity is the result of abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications or
alterations of the new motor vehicle.
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