Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer Says Driver Error (Not Weather) Causes Crashes law lemon wisconsin

As a series of accidents in Kentucky in early January showed, inclement weather conditions such as snow and ice can make driving dangerous, said Kentucky car accident lawyer Frank M. Jenkins III.
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However, poor weather conditions do not relieve drivers of the duty to drive responsibly, the attorney said.
“Without commenting on these specific accidents, generally speaking, snow and ice do not cause car crashes. Instead, people cause crashes when they fail to adjust their driving to the conditions,” said Jenkins, whoseLexington personal injury firm represents auto accidentvictims and their families throughout Kentucky in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.
“Even when the weather is bad, people owe a duty to others on the road to drive reasonably,” he said. “When they fail to live up to that duty, and it causes another to suffer serious bodily injury as a result, they need to be held legally accountable.”
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According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, snow, wind and ice contributed to several chain reaction crashes throughout Kentucky during the week of January 2, including two pileups on Interstate 75 in Grant County that involved more than 70 motor vehicles.
“We don’t know how these accidents occurred, but we do know that the winter months can be very challenging for drivers in Kentucky. Snow storms can decrease visibility and make road conditions extremely slick,” Jenkins said.
“If the weather is bad, stay off the roads. And if you have to drive, take proper measures,” Jenkins said. “For instance, even if the speed limit says 55 mph, you may need to drive slower so that you can maintain control of your vehicle and keep a proper lookout.”
If a person is harmed by a driver who failed to adjust to weather and road conditions, they should consult with a Kentucky auto accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to learn more about their legal rights and options, Jenkins said.
“It’s possible that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will contact you within days – maybe even hours – after the wreck, and they might try to blame the accident on the weather,” the Lexington attorney said. “The best practice would be to politely decline making any statements until after you’ve discussed your accident with a lawyer.
“An insurance company’s goal will be to pay out as little as possible for any claim. An attorney’s goal, on the other hand, will be to make sure your rights and interests are protected, including the right to receive the full compensation that you deserve.”
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