Appeals court: Attorney should be paid for work done in lemon law case law lemon wisconsin

law lemon wisconsin
WAUKESHA, WI (WTAQ) - A state appeals court says attorney Vince Megna should get paid for the time he spent preparing an argument for the legal fees he should get in a vehicle lemon law case.
Waukesha County Circuit Judge Ralph Ramirez ruled in 2010 that Megna should get nothing for 5 days of court hearings, in which he and Chrysler argued the amount of legal fees for Megna in settling the original lawsuit.
Gary and Sandra Zimmerman filed the suit in 2006 over a Chrysler mini-van.
The settlement called for the couple to get $10,000 plus the van. But the two sides couldn’t agree on Megna’s legal fees. He asked for over $27,000, while Chrysler offered to pay $8,000.
They agreed to let the judge decide. And Ramirez awarded over $23,000 without anything extra for the abnormally long time it took to litigate the fees. 
The appellate court said the amount of the judge’s award showed that some type of litigation fee for Megna was reasonable.
The case now goes back to Ramirez’s court to determine the new fees.

law lemon wisconsin